North East Biomethane export pipeline project.

250mm HDPE Pipeline

Work commenced on Wardley – the North East based Biomethane site. With a project start date of January 2019, the project is due to reach completion by October 2019.

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D&G produced the pipeline and connection design internally. From there, D&G had the design and connection independently approved and appraised (G17) prior to receiving acceptance by NGN.

grinding 7 bar pipe

The pipeline was constructed using a combination of trenches and traditional main laying techniques.
The exiting pipeline that D&G connected to was an 18″ steel intermediate pressure main.

To complete this project, we installed 250mm HDPE pipeline. 10″ off 18″ welded steel connection. The pipeline was running at an intermediate pressure of 7 bar.  
We adopted a P9 weld procedure for under pressure welding, onto a live gas main.

When working on pipelines with pressures such as this, we take all necessary precautions, to ensure all necessary precautions are taken into account. 

The pipeline will allow biomethane (that is produced from waste) to be injected into the existing natural gas network.