Bio Methane Plant Upgrade - North East

D&G Utilities largest  Bio Methane project to date

The early stages of the project involved  the drilling and installation of 5.1km of 180 PE gas pipe.

Eco Drill drilled, whilst D&G installed pipe from the site to the grid. This involved drilling through the site, fields and even the local village.

D&G Utilities largest  Bio Methane project to date. The project was delivered within budget and on time.

Throughout the installation D&G used fully automatic Butt Welders (Weldmaster) made by HYRAM.

D&G used a 2-way traffic system to manage the traffic whilst they were making their connections in the local village.

Once the connections were made in the village, work commenced on the early stages of installing the Bio Methane plant upgrade site.

At this stage, the installation of the upgrader, the propane tanks and feeding of the 180 PE gas pipe into the site took place.

The 180 PE pipe remained capped off, but the origin of the 5.1km of the gas pipe was now established.

Further groundwork took place whilst the installation of the Bio Methane plant continued, which included:

  • Installation of the GEU (Gas Entry Unit) 
  • The Upgrader
  • Propane Tanks
  • Flare

The final stages to the project involved connecting all components and feeding gas directly to the grid.

D&G Utilities managed to achieve a successful gas to grid connection on schedule.