Bio Methane Plant Upgrade

D&G Utilities take on a prestigious Bio Methane Plant Upgrade project in the North East.

As you’re well aware, the world is going green (as much as is possible). With that said, renewable energy is becoming more and more widely used.

We’re all more aware of our carbon footprint, the importance of reducing it and of course, protecting tomorrow. We already produce too much waste, but suffer a shortage of fuels, so what’s the answer?

Bio Methane Gas is produced by converting waste into gas that is then fed into the grid. (Of course there is a process, but that’s the short version).

What we did:

6-8 weeks before phase 1, Eco Drill started drilling in the neighbouring fields and village, whilst D&G Utilities, commenced with the welding and installation of 5.1km of 180 PE Gas Pipe.

Phase 1:
The site was prepped and cleaned, ready for the foundation work to commence. We contracted Colton excavators to undergo initial work. Colton excavated and levelled the site and conducted surveys in preparation for the installation of the concrete rafts and pads

Phase 2:

We contracted Upright construction to complete the concrete shuttering for the roads, the (GEU) Gas Entry Unit, the propane tanks and the Flare. 

Whilst this work was being completed on the site, Eco Drill and D&G Utilities were still busy drilling and installing the 5.1km of 180 PE Gas pipe in the neighbouring fields and village.

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Phase 3:

Entry from the farmers field to plant site was achieved. On Monday 13th December, Tyson Technology connected the gas pipe to the (GEU) Gas Entry Unit, on site.

Flow Gas then installed the propane tanks and Bright Bio Methane installed the upgrader. 

Gas to Grid Day

This is always a nail biting moment in a gas project. Almost “the moment of truth”. We all worked  as a team to ensure we’d make a successful connection to the grid. The whole project was managed closely throughout, ensuring D&G Utilities would deliver on another successful Bio Methane project.

Needless to say, Gas to Grid day was a success! There are a few final stages to complete on this project. We will be contracting Colton to finish the site and ensure it looks presentable for the client.