Amazon Distribution Warehouse - Germany

D&G Utilities installed a new 355mm black SDR11 FM approved combined sprinkler/fire hydrant main.

D&G Utilities undertook one of their biggest projects to date, at a new Amazon Distribution warehouse development in Magdeburg, Germany.

Work on the new Amazon site commenced in May 2019. A team of D&G’s finest started their project of installing the 355mm black SDR11 FM approved pipeline, to feed the sprinkler and fire hydrant for the new distribution warehouse.

D&G utilities also installed 18no building entry units, with an FM approved valve at either side of the tee section.

sprinkler system valves

This was to allow individual isolation to each entry unit to keep the system up and running with minimum disruption to the sprinkler system.

water pipe installation company uk

All pipework was installed using the approved buttwelding method. All building  entries are installed to set dimensions, as per client specification.  

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After the complete installation of the new 355mm black SDR11 FM approved pipeline, everything will be pressure tested to WRAS 12.3a.

Finally, on completion of the project, D&G Utilities will issue their “As build” drawing to the client.